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Alaska Med., 1992 Apr-Jun;34(2):87-90,95.

Body composition testing of athletes in the field
using bioelectric impedance analysis.

R. Chapman, G. Tibbetts, S. Case, E. Evans, W. J. Mills Jr.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Abstract: Bioelectrical impedance analysis was performed as part of the field testing of seventeen athletes competing in the 1990 Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The purpose was to measure initial body composition and the changes that occurred during this extended performance period under Arctic conditions. Four women and thirteen men aged 26-53 years were tested to measure changes in their lean body weight, total body water, total body fat and percent body water. Study results record average body fat losses of 2.14 kg in the male and 1.02 kg in the female racers. Total body water and lean body mass remained stable, while an increase in body water percentage (men: 4.31%, women: 2.78%) was recorded. Though questions remain, bioelectric impedance analysis demonstrates potential for use in future field research projects.
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